FC Ninjas Premier

Looking for qualified travel players

Hello Soccer Players,

                        With the recent strict approach to the birth year mandated by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the 2002 Warrington FC Ninjas Premier soccer team is looking for new players.  We are playing very competitive soccer in Division 1 South EDP with teams that are ranked #1 and #5 in the country and other teams in the top 100 rankings.  We play year round in the EDP League this Spring, Fall and indoors at YSC. However we do take a break from the middle of Novemeber through 2nd week of February and from June 6thdepending on State Cups till the last week of July.  We also play in and more often are in the finals 4-5 tournaments a year. If you are looking to have a Premier soccer experience without the costs, excessive travel, but with top coaching for your daughter then the Ninjas could be a fit for you. We are currently looking for a goal keeper and adding two more players to our roster for the Fall and potentially the remaining Spring season. You will be able to tryout at one of our team practices every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-7:30pm.

If this is interests you please feel to reach out to me via cell, text or email listed below. I am more than happy to discuss our philosophy and our team’s Core Values.


Robert Sidky

Head Coach

Warrington FC Ninjas Premier 2002 Girls

Cell: (401) 230-7546


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