Warrington Soccer 2019/2020 Travel Credit

To Our Travel Membership,

We want to thank our membership for the patience and understanding that has been demonstrated throughout the current restrictions. We recognize that this is a long communication and if you have questions please reach out to members of the board you may know  or contact the president directly  at president@warringtonsoccerpa.org with questions.

Based on current conditions and the State of Pennsylvania progression to yellow phase then hopeful progression to green phase, the Warrington Soccer board has discussed and approved the issuing of credits for application to the 2020-2021 season that starts in August.

A couple of overall statements to the membership  on the financial health of Warrington Soccer Club and our status as a charitable organization.

  1. We are in a secure financial position and continue conservative management to protect the Warrington Soccer Club. We will continue  to provide continuing opportunities for soccer development in our region.
  2. We will delay payments from registrations (with a $50 deposit) until August to provide an ability to have additional clarity on fall season status with full refunds provided, if necessary. We  are committed to work with families that may need financial aid to provide playing opportunities.

We ask that our membership respond to a google form  at the following link:

2019/2020 Travel Credit Processing Form

The form consists of filling in player information (birth year and coach with email address with registrant/registrants for each family member), and whether you would like a credit or would like to donate the credit back to the club. If a credit is requested we will generate an individual coupon code for each registered player to use during registration for travel.

Based on our club membership and variation in programs throughout the age groups the board of Warrington Soccer developed credits based on the program differences. These programs include:

  1. Pre-academy (paid coaches) - 2012
  2. Academy (paid coaches and higher program cost) - 2011 and 2010
  3. Travel and FC Travel programs - 2009 through 2002 with two distinct groups of teams that either played a fall season (2009 to 2005), or High School-aged teams (2004 to2002) that mainly play/practice during the winter and spring seasons and did not have opportunity to play a season.

In addition to these full year registrations, the players that joined during the winter or spring seasons were considered separately for credits to this future registration year.

A breakdown of the credits being offered are below for complete transparency.  Any  donations will  fund financial aid to other families and expenses that the club continually incurs to maintain facilities, permits and insurance.

Program year registrations (participants began program at beginning of the registration year)

Programs/Birth Years

Credit towards 2020-2021 season

Pre-academy (2012)


Academy (2011 to 2010)


Birth years (2009 to 2005) 

No credit - main season occurred in fall

Birth years (2004 to 2002)

Credit varies from $50 to $150


Winter Player Additions

Programs/Birth Years

Credit towards  2020 through 2021 season

2012 to 2002



Spring Player Additions

Programs/Birth Years

Credit towards 2020 through 2021 season

Academy (2011 to 2010)


2009 to 2002


We  will continue to follow the guidance  given to clubs from EPYSA and the State of Pennsylvania. Our foremost priority is to respect the health and wellness of individuals and their families as we move forward. We encourage communication from our membership and our soccer family.

We hope that we will all see each other on the fields sometime in the near future. Please reach out to coaches and/or board members with any questions and concerns you may have.


On behalf of the Warrington Soccer Board

Eric Killenbeck, President of Warrington Soccer Club