Coach Neil's Soccer Drills

Hey there WSC parents and players I hope you are all doing well and safe in these uncertain times hopefully things improve to where we can be back on the field in the not too distant future.


I have created two WSC playlists on my You Tube channel as follows:


One playlist is ideas for activities to try at home with your kids, the kids participating and the parents watching, encouraging and timing the activities. There are even videos on the playlist suggesting how the kids can use their recorded times to create a colorful 'progress chart' I would love to see some of their ideas.


The second playlist is sample activities for each age group so that parents get a brief insight into some of the activities that I use to help the kids have FUN and develop their skills. 


Please view the playlists at the below links:


WSC Home Based Skills


WSC Sample Demos



For parents who wish to time their kids and help them create an assignment based on their soccer skill times please click the below PDF's. - one is informational one is for actually recording the times.


Soccer Skills Chart


Soccer Skills Chart 2


I hope you and your kids have FUN trying the soccer activities shown in the video send me a message to let me know if your kids try any of these challenges.


Thank you