4 v 4 Festival Information

Each team can have up to 6 kids on their roster. The teams will play a minimum of 3, 20 minute games. There are no refs and no coaches, each team must handle monitoring of rules and substitutes on their own. 

The brackets are: U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13,  U14 and Varsity. There is also an Under 30 and Over 30 adult bracket this year.

Teams can be made up of players from intramural teams, Travel teams or even from a neighborhood block of kids who all want to play together. We don’t want to limit anyone who would want to participate in this wonderful festival. We are planning to have 2 competitive levels -- one for primarily travel players and one for the recreational player. 

The cost for 1 team is $100 or $250 for 3 teams.  

Click here to download the application from.

Please participate. It is a great cause for people who give so much and get so little in return.