Congratulations to Chelsea Meltzer!

Congratulations to Chelsea Meltzer!


My name is Chelsea Meltzer, I joined Warrington Edge when I was in 7th grade, it was the best decision I ever made. 


During my time playing for this team I have accomplished great things. For our State Cup semi final game I scored 4 goals and we won 7-2. 


In our State Cup final game I scored the winning goal in double overtime with one minute left in the game. Our team went to the Bethesda tournament and in our first game we were tied 1-1 with 1 minute left and I scored the game winning goal. We ended up winning the Bethesda tournament! 

I have accomplished all of this because of my teammates and coaches, so thank you all very much.   

I am attending Moravian University to continue my soccer playing career and majoring in Physical therapy.