Futures Program Overview


Warrington Soccer Club’s Warrington Futures program is a pre-academy, four-season training program for u7, u8, u9 and Intramural u10 players. The objective is to provide FUN, motivational training that helps players advance to the next level of their soccer development. This supplemental training program is offered in addition to our regular Intramural seasons with a new session conducted in the fall, winter, and spring with the same age groups through a full soccer year. The entire program is overseen and conducted by our u10 Director of Coaching, Neil Smart. If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact Neil at doc-neil@warringtonsoccerpa.org.

The individual sessions generally follow the Intramural schedule. The Fall Session starts after Labor Day, the Winter Session starts after New Year's Day, and the Spring Session begins in early April. Schedules are coordinated so players can enroll in both an Intramural Season and the corresponding Futures session.

Philosophy of the Warrington Futures Program

The Warrington Futures Program was designed to offer a training regimen to those players looking for a more competitive environment in anticipation for travel team consideration. The Futures program is an enhancement to the regular Rec soccer season and is aimed at young players who genuinely want to improve their game. All levels of player are accepted so long as their focus is on full participation and moving their game forward. This is not a program for children who are easily distracted, the training is at a higher level than regular Rec soccer and caters to for focused and motivated players.

If your player is distracted or disruptive at the sessions the Director of Coaching and/or representative of the Warrington Soccer Board will discuss options with the parent/guardian for continuation or partial reimbursement for the program.

Why the Warrington Futures Program?

Many soccer youth are being encouraged to play on u8 travel teams that participate in u9 leagues; the youngest recognized age group for travel. This is in direct contradiction to US Soccer’s mandate to play 4v4, small-sided games at u8 versus 7v7 for u9. Warrington Soccer Club does not offer u8 travel teams. We believe our Futures program is a better solution that provides our players a FUN environment, fosters their passion and knowledge of the game, promotes sportsmanship, and provides a long-term player development strategy. Please read Warrington Soccer Club’s Statement on Under 8 Travel Teams from our Board of Directors and Directors of Coaching.

Training Curriculum

The training curriculum for the Warrington Futures program is a foundation for long-term player development that is reinforced and refined in each season as this age group of players develops coordination, physical strength, and a knowledge of the game. The Warrington Futures program will use skill development training and small-sided games to focus on the following areas: Passing & Receiving, Dribbling & Foot Skills, Speed & Agility, Finishing, and Game Awareness. An overview of the curriculum is below:

  • Passing & Receiving
    • Improving basic passing, and how to receive a pass comfortably and effectively. Decision-making: when to pass to feet versus pass to space.
  • Dribbling & Foot Skills
    • Developing “moves and fakes” and encouraging players to be creative on the ball in one versus one situations.
  • Speed & Agility
    • Focusing on balance, reactions, and coordination as essential qualities for an effective soccer player.
  • The Finishing School
    • Emphasizing ball striking, shooting, and different ways of scoring goals including power finishing, passing into the goal, using both feet, and improvisation.
  • Game Awareness
    • Enhancing effectiveness in game situations through small-sided and conditioned games.

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