Age Group Coordinators

Role of the Age Group Coordinator

The age group coordinator is responsible for communication to the coaches in their assigned Age Group.  The Coordinator is responsible for placing the Coaches on individual teams.  After the coaches are finalized, they build a roster for each individual team in their age group following club guidelines.  One of the goals is to create balanced and equally competitive teams in keeping with the spirit of player development.

If you have any questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to contact our Intramural Director:

Fall 2015 Intramural Coordinators

Age Group Coordinator Email
Pre Kindergartnen    
U6 K - Boys and Girls Lia King
U6 K - Boys and Girls Melissa Leonard
U6 K - Boys and Girls Annemarie Sauder
1st & 2nd grade Boys Kari Cunningham
3rd & 4th Grade Boys Tom McDonald
5th & 6th Grade Boys Carey Stolber
7th to 9th Grade Boys Tae An
10th to 12th Grade Boys Carol Sautner
1st & 2nd Grade Girls    
3rd & 4th Grade Girls Jen Crouch
5th & 6th Grade Girls Craig Silberman
7th to 9th Grade Girls Amanda Pepin
10th to 12th Grade Girls Robyn Wang