Joint Intramural Soccer League Rules


Below are the Joint Intramural League (JIL) soccer rules effective August 24th, 2015. The current JIL Soccer League Rules are also availble for download.

General Rules

 All games of the Joint Intramural Soccer League shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws Of The Game and USSF rules with the following modifications:

  • Ball Size:
  • The U12 division games shall be played with a # 4 size ball.
  • All other divisions shall be played with a # 5 size ball.
  • Duration of Match
    • Under 12 division games shall consist of 2, 30 minute half’s;
    • Under 15 division games shall consist of 2, 35 minute half’s;  
    • Under 18 division games shall consist of 2, 40 minute half’s’;
  • All games shall have a 5 minute half time and switch sides. No stoppage time shall be added to either half.
  • Substitutions
    • An unlimited number of substitutions may be made during the match, and any player who has been substituted may re-enter the game according to the Substitution procedures defined below.
  • Slide Tackling
    • Slide tackling in any manner shall be strictly prohibited and shall be sanctioned as “Serious Foul Play” and shall be issued a “Red Card” for the foul.
  • Rushing the Goal Keeper
    • An “Indirect Direct Free Kick” shall be awarded to the opposing team if a player rushes a Goal Keeper.
  • Safety
    • In order to insure the safety of all players, the following safety rules are mandatory:
      • Players must wear appropriate shin guards and outdoor soccer boots or sneakers. Hooded Sweatshirts are not allowed, nor can the hoods be tucked in.
      • Players are not permitted to play with any kind of jewelry. No exceptions shall be made to this rule for new earrings and covering any type of jewelry with a Band-Aid is not permitted. (The wearing of medical alert jewelry is permitted, but not recommended).
      • Sports safety glasses must be worn. This is for both the safety of the individual and others on the field. There will be no exceptions.
      • Players are not permitted to play wearing unpadded casts or splints. The decision to allow the player to participate will be made by the referee.
  • Divisions and Eligibility
    • The Joint Intramural league shall organize games for boys and girls teams in the following divisions. Only players registered with a participating soccer club shall be allowed to participate in league play.  Only players meeting the divisional requirements for grade level and/or birth date are eligible to play in that division. Players on an active, same season Travel Team are not eligible to participate.
    • All teams shall submit a line up sheet for each game. There are 3 copies, Home Team, Visitors Team and the Referee’s copy. Only eligible players who are members of that team are permitted to play. The form is available for download on the Warrington Soccer Club web site under the JIL tab.


Eligible Grades Players Entering in September




5th and 6th



7th, 8th and 9th



10th, 11th, and 12th


Playing Time

  • All players must be offered the opportunity to play at least half of the match, regardless of skill.
  • Substitutions
    • Substitutions shall be made as follows without changes:
      • At halftime.
      • By the team throwing in the ball after it has gone out over the touch line, with referee’s permission.
      • Either team on the taking of a goal kick, with the permission of the referee.
      • In the case of an injury, and the injured player is substituted, the opposing team may substitute one for one basis with the permission of the referee. Injured players receiving attention on the field must be substituted.
      • A player receiving a “Yellow Card” must be substituted for a “Cooling Off” period. The opposing team does not, in this instance get a One-for-one substitution.
      • Goal Keepers may be substituted during the duration of the match, but only with the permission of the referee. Failure to get permission prior to substituting the keeper will result in the issue of a “Yellow Card” for unsportsmanlike conduct, except at half time.
      • No substitutions shall be allowed on a corner kick.
  • Parents Behavior
    • Spectators are expected to behave and act in a courteous and sportsman like manner at all times.
    • Spectators must remain 1 yard, 3 feet, behind the touch line unless directed otherwise by the referee.
    • No one is allowed to enter the field of play during the match without the permission of the referee.
    • No one is allowed to remain behind the goal line or along the goal line during the match.
  • Coaches Behavior
    • Before the match, each coach shall provide to the referee a volunteer linesman in the U11 and U12 division. The referee will have flags, and the linesman shall follow the instructions of the referee. Linesmen are not permitted to “coach” from the sidelines.
    • Coaches for the home team are responsible for the proper and visible lines and for setting out legal corner flags.
    • All Coaches must remain 1 yard, 3 feet, back from the sidelines and within 10 yards of the center line.
    • At the conclusion of the match, teams will line up for handshake.
    • Coaches must reduce the number of players to match that of the opposing team, should they be short handed.
    • Coaches should notify their League Directors regarding any instances of improper conduct.
    • Coaches will discuss any referee issues only with their league director, club designee and only after 24 hours have passed since the end of the match.
  • Player Behavior
    • Players are expected to play in a sportsman’s like manner.
    • Substitute players are to remain 4 feet behind the touch line.
    • Players are expected to know and understand the Laws of the Game and all the JIL amendments.
    • Players are to treat the opposing team, coaches and referee’s with respect.
  • Referees
    • The referee is “Solely” responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game in accordance to FIFA, USSF and the JIL amendments.
    • The home team is responsible for providing trained referees for every match. One referee for U12 matches with club linesman and 2 referees for U13 and above.
    • Each team is responsible for half the referee fee and the total fee is to be paid before the start of the match.
    • Any verbal abuse or threatening of the referee by any coach, player or spectator is strictly prohibited and such conduct may be punishable by ejection and a minimum of one, (1), game suspension.
    • All decisions by the referee are final.
    • The referee may end the match at any time when the circumstances warrant it. Should the referee end the match, the teams MAY NOT decide to finish the match on their own. The match is abandoned and the reasons and outcome will be reviewed by the governing parties.
    • The referee shall submit a game report to its designated league authority for misconduct and any issuance of cards.
    • No game time “Revisions” of the written Laws or Amendments shall be allowed without the permission of the governing authority.
  • Fouls and Misconduct
    • The referee shall call the game in accordance to the FIFA Laws of the Game, USSF Guidelines and the Amendments to The Laws as stated in this document.
    • Any player receiving a “Yellow Card” shall be substituted and remain on the sidelines for a cooling off period. The opposing team does not get a one-for-one substitution. Referees must submit a game report with all info according to USSF reporting requirements.
    • Any player receiving a “Red Card” shall leave the field of play and not interfere with the game in any manner. Should the ejected player or coach continue with any un-sportsman like behavior and continue to disrupt the game, they will be asked to leave the facility.
    •  The JIL has decided not to enforce a mandatory one game suspension for receiving a Red Card, however, all violent and serious Red Card fouls shall be reviewed by the Governing Officials and a game suspension may be given upon determining a violent foul has accrued which should warrant further action.  Referees must submit a game report with all info according to USSF reporting requirements. Player and coaches suspended may not be present on the sidelines for their suspended matches.
    • All violent conduct and game ejections must be reported to each Home Teams Leagues own designated director. Serious misconduct will be reviewed by an appointed Disciplinary Committee to determine if additional sanctions are required or warranted.
  • Competition Rules
    • The team scoring the greater number of goals during the match is the winner. Matches ending in a draw will stand as there are no tie breakers during the regular season.


  • Tie Games for Playoffs Only
    • Two, (2), five, (5), minute overtime periods will be played with teams switching sides at the half. (No golden goal).
    • If still tied at the end of overtime, the best of five, (5), penalty kicks by each team, (taken alternately), will be the deciding factor. Only those players on the field at the end of the overtime period may participate in the shoot out and all must remain on the field. A player may only kick once during the first five shooters.
    • If still tied after the first five shooters from each team, alternating kicks shall be taken until a winner is decided, not a second set of 5 shooters. All players must kick once before any player is allowed a second kick. Keepers are permitted to participate in the shootout.
    • Eligible players are to be lined up in the center circle and remain there until a winner is determined.
    • No coaches, managers or spectators are permitted on the field or behind the goal during the shootout. Those not participating in the shoot out must remain on the sideline in their respective technical area.
  • Consequences
    • Any club or individual team that does not abide by the Laws of the Game and Amendments, use illegal or unregistered players or with-in the keeping of the “Spirit of the Game” may be asked to leave the program immediately and game schedules for the remaining teams in that division will be revised.
    • No refunds shall be issued should a team or league leave or be ejected from the program.

Effective 11/18/14
Revised 8/17/15
Revised 8/24/15
Governing Entity:
Warrington Soccer Club