General Intramural Rules under 10 and younger

In-House club rules
1.1 These rules outline the exceptions to FIFA Laws by which the Warrington Soccer Club operates. If any rule is not listed in this document, FIFA Laws will be followed.
1.2 REMEMBER that as parents, were here to ensure that the players, most important of all, have FUN and learn the game of Soccer. With respect to negative incidents, if any, if you wont remember it six months from now, its not worth getting steamed about now!
1.3 REMEMBER that as adults, we set the example for the teams behavior, and that hollering at referees teaches the team nothing. Let the little things fall of your back.
1.4 REMEMBER that winning isnt everything, winning EFFORT is!
  These regulations cover all aspects of the administration and rules of the game of soccer in WSC. For administration of WSC, please refer to the By-Laws and Constitution.
2.2.1 Any child is eligible to play in the WSC Intramural program, unless the child holds a valid player pass from a US Youth Soccer Association affiliated organization and is a member of an active Travel (competitive) team. Active shall mean engaging in games during the current season (spring or fall).
2.2.2 Every player present at the game shall play a minimum of 1/2 of the game (when mathematically possible) scheduled at the coaches discretion.
2.2.3 No player is permitted to play 100% of the time when substitutes are available, except for the goalie.
2.2.4 While rule 2.2.2 is created to ensure a minimum of playing time, the philosophy of WSC is to provide all players with equal playing time regardless of the outcome of the game.
2.3.1 The maximum number of players shall be as follows:
Age Number on Field
Under 6 3
Under 8 4
Under 10 6 plus Goalie
2.3.2 Proof of age must be provided for each player at registration. Failure to do so may prohibit a child from playing.
2.3.3 Age requirements are as follows: "Refer to current year age schedule"
2.4.1 The schedule for the season shall be determined by the league coordinator, and shall be approved by the Board. The Max number of games have been scheduled based upon weeks of the season.  No missed games will be rescheduled.
2.5.1 It is the aim of WSC to form evenly balanced teams within each age division.
2.5.2 An attempt will be made to equally distribute players on the basis of prior years assessment, experience, gender, and age, at the discretion of the Intramural Committee.
2.5.3 It is MANDATORY that each coach submits individual player assessments at the conclusion of each season. These assessments take into account soccer skills, athletic ability, experience, and physical development.
2.6.1  We will not record team standings or records.
2.7.1 The League Coordinator is responsible for postponements of games up to one hour before game time (for any reason).
2.7.2 Such postponement will be communicated to all coaches and the director of referees.
2.7.3 The referee is responsible for postponements with less than one hour to game time.
2.8.1 During the regular season, no team will forfeit for a lack of players. Coaches should play on a scrimmage basis, or, upon mutual agreement, decrease the number of players on the field.
2.9.1 Protests must be filed in writing with the age coordinator within 48 hours following the game.
2.9.2 A protest may only be filed for the following reasons: Rule interpretation. Player eligibility. Violation of WSC rules.
2.9.3 Only the head coach or registered assistant coach may protest the game.
2.9.4 A protest board will be made up of 2 or more age coordinator members and the Referee Director.
2.9.5 The protest board will meet and provide a final decision within two (2) weeks of the protest.
2.10.1 Coaching from the goal line is not permitted. Coaches are not permitted on the field during "regular play" unless the referee has blown the whistle for an injury and you are waved on the field. Coaches are not given cards for disciplinary action. However, if your behavior is unbecoming of a coach or disrespect is conveyed towards a player or referee, you may be told to leave the field by the referee. An assistant coach or parent shall be your replacement for the duration of the game. This rule applies to unofficial coaches as well (parents, club linesmen, other players, etc). Coaches and players must remain within the confines of their defined technical area. The coach and team must behave in a responsible manner.
2.10.2 Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their teams parents and supporters. Failure of the parents and supporters to act responsibly may result in the removal of the coach, in accordance with rule 2.10.1.
2.10.3 Failure of a coach to follow these club rules may result in the suspension or dismissal of the coach, at the discretion of the Director of Intramurals and the Board of Directors.
  These rules do not apply.
  The current FIFA laws will be followed, exceptions as noted herein.
4.1.1 The field of play shall be the field provided at the advertised location for each division.
4.1.2 Final decision on the safe condition of the field of play shall be the responsibility of the referee.
4.1.3 It is the responsibility of each coach to keep all assistants, substitutes and spectators two (2) yards back from the touchlines, and away from the goal lines.
4.2.1 The size of the ball used in each division shall be as follows: U6, -- size 3 U7, U8 -- size 3 U10 -- size 4
4.3.1 There will be no limit to the number of players a team may substitute.
4.3.2 Stoppage in the game for the purpose of substitution shall be defined as follows: Goal scored. Goal kick Throw-in (See 4.3.3) Injury (See 4.3.4) During a penalty kick in U10 and up, a goalie may be substituted only from the players already on the field and only after notification of the referee. Such substitution shall be done in a manner as to not cause undue delay of the game.
4.3.3 Throw-in substitutions may only be made by the team with possession.
4.3.4 Substitution at injury can only be made for the injured player. If the injured player is substituted for, the opposing team may substitute one player.
4.3.5 After the referee has indicated that a coach may substitute, it is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that players leave the field before substitutes enter.
4.4.1 Players shall be required to wear shorts, socks, shirt, and shin guards. Shin guards must be fully covered by socks. No jewelry or dangerous items may be worn.
4.4.2 Goalkeepers must wear distinguishing colors, different from other players and the referee.
4.5.1 In the event of a referee not covering the game, a suitable volunteer may officiate with the mutual agreement of both coaches.
4.5.2 If the scheduled referee arrives late, the stand-in retires to the sideline, and the referee assumes full control.
4.5.3 If a scheduled referee does not cover the game, no protests will be allowed.
4.6.1 This rule shall replace FIFA Law VI.
4.6.2 Each team must provide a linesman for games. This linesman cannot be a player or substitute.
4.6.3 The linesman shall NOT participate in officiating the game.
4.6.4 The linesmans only duty shall be to assist the referee by indicating when the ball wholly crosses the touchline.
4.6.5 In the event of a linesman being unable to assist as above on any play, the referees decision shall be final.
4.6.6 No linesman shall be permitted to coach/instruct the players from any position along the field.
4.7.1 This rule shall replace FIFA Law VII.
4.7.2 Time per quarter or half shall be as follows:
U6   4 - 10-minute periods
U8   3 - 15 minute periods
U10   2 - 25 minute halves
4.7.3 In Under 8 there will be a three (3) minute break after each period. In U10 and above there will be an 5-minute halftime.
4.7.4 The referee is the sole timekeeper.
4.7.5 Allowance for time lost due to injury shall be entirely at the discretion of the referee.
4.7.6 A referee, due to poor lighting, poor weather, poor field conditions, or any other conditions resulting in possible danger to the players, may stop a game.
4.7.7 A game shall be considered complete if three quarters of the total playing time has been completed.
4.7.8 The time shall be extended in any time period to allow for the taking of a penalty kick awarded during the normal time period.
4.8.1 Ends of the field shall change by half, but possession of kickoff shall change by quarters.
4.9.1 The ball is out of play when it wholly crosses the goal line or touch line, whether on the ground or in the air, or when stopped by the referee. All other times, the ball is in play.
4.11.1 For ages U6 through U8, there shall be no offsides.
4.11.2 For U10 and up, offsides shall be defined as any of the following:
4.11.3 If the player is nearer to his or her opponents goal line than both the ball and the second last opponent. A player is not in an offside position if: he/she is in his/her own half of the field of play; is level with the second last opponent; is level with the last two opponents.
4.11.4 A player shall not be called offsides unless he/she is interfering with play, interfering with an opponent or gaining advantage by being in that position.
4.11.5 No offsides shall be called on a goal kick, corner-kick, or throw-in.
4.11.6 If an offside is called, the referee shall award an indirect free kick to the opponents from the spot of the infraction (offside player).
4.12.1 FIFA Law XII shall apply to U10 and up.
4.12.2 U6, U7, and U8 shall comply with FIFA Law XII, except that all infractions shall be penalized by the award of an indirect free kick.
4.12.3 Slide tackles are not allowed. An indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team at the point where the slide tackle was attempted. Slide kicks are permissible provided they are clearly away from other players. Determination shall be at the sole discretion of the referee who shall make player safety the primary concern.
4.12.4 Players receiving a yellow card shall be removed from the game by the referee for a cooling down period. The player may rejoin the game at the next regular substitution at the discretion of the referee. Players receiving a red card or a second yellow card shall be removed from the game and his team will play short handed for the remainder of the game. A referee board (minimum two certified referees) will review events in which yellow and/or red card(s) were issued and depending upon the foul or misconduct, a player may be suspended from future game(s) or league by the referee board.
4.13.1 FIFA Law XIII shall apply, except that for U8 and younger all free kicks shall be indirect. For U8 and younger, when a penalty occurs within the defenders penalty area, the kick shall be taken from outside the penalty area.
4.13.2 Indirect kicks awarded to the offensive team for fouls occurring within the defensive penalty area shall be taken from outside the penalty area for U6, U7, and U8.
4.14.1 U6, U7, and U8 shall not have penalty kicks.
4.14.2 For U10 and up, penalty kicks shall be taken from the penalty-mark (12 yards from goal line), and all players except for the player taking the kick and the opposing goalie shall be outside the penalty area and the ten-yard arc. The goalie must stay on his goal line until the ball is kicked.
4.15.1 Throw-ins shall be granted when the ball goes out of play over the touchline. If 3v3 or 4v4 rules are in effect, refer to those rules for handling out of bounds. The player throwing the ball in must keep both feet on the ground, and deliver the ball from over the head using both hands. A goal may not be scored directly from a throw-in. An improper throw-in shall result in a throw-in from the same spot by the opposing team except as follows:
4.16.1 When a ball is sent out-of-play over the goal line by the attacking team, the ball is put back into play by way of a goal kick. The kick comes from anywhere within the goal area, and must leave the penalty area before being touched by another player. If the ball fails to leave the penalty area, it shall be replayed. All players from the opposing team must be outside the penalty area when the ball is kicked.
4.17.1 When a ball is sent out-of-play over the goal line by the defending team, the ball is put back into play by way of a corner kick. The kick comes from the corner on the side of the net where the ball left the field. Players on the opposing team must stand at least ten (10) yards from the ball. A corner kick is a direct kick.
4.18.1 Ten yards will be given between the ball and the opposing team on any corner, indirect, or direct kick. Quick Free Kicks: The referee should move quickly out of the way after indicating the approximate area of the restart and should do nothing to interfere with the kicking teams right to an immediate free kick.
4.18.2 Once the goalie has shown possession his path may not be obstructed when he/she attempts releasing the ball from his/her hands.
4.19.1 Remember that we are playing a game and the safety of the players is the first consideration.