Under 8 Game Rules of play

4 v 4 game

WSC u8 Game Guidelines (Coaches please print and have available at games if needed)


Let's make sure all the kids have FUN this, and every, weekend.


The Under 8 games are 3 x 15 minute periods with a 5 minute break between periods. During game play there should be only on the field with the kids and the other coach timekeeping. 


Rather than awarding formal free kicks the coach on the field can restart by telling the players to find a space and then simply pass the ball to the player that was fouled so play can resume quickly

Rough Play

Pushing, grabbing and tripping must be addressed if a player cannot learn correct behavior on the field the coach needs to remove and talk to the player. If that doesn't work the parents need to be involved.


The Under 8 division plays 4 v 4 games

Ball Size

Size 3 Ball


Players should bring a drink and wear their provided soccer uniform with shin-guards and cleats.

General Rules

It is important that every coach is consistent in following the below guidelines for the full benefit of all players.

• Each team ideally has 12-14 players playing 4 v 4 on 2 fields with 2-3 subs per field

• Players may play in either game, they are not restricted to just one field

• ONE active adult / coach on the field during games to help keep the game fun, safe and even

• Other coaches should supervise subs on the sideline • Make frequent substitutions so all players get sufficient playing times

• No goalkeepers or goal guards standing in front of the goal! 

• No formal positions other than a general 2 defenders 2 offense but let the players have free run of the field

• Ball goes out on the side: the players pass the ball back into play, with opponents retreating at least 5 yards

• Ball goes out over the end line: defenders place the ball on the endline and pass or dribble the ball into play – offense team should retreat to  the center line

• Play corner kicks

• Restart from the center after a goal

• It is not necessary to change direction at half time keep it simple

• During games the on the field coach can pass the ball into space and otherwise ‘guide’ the game to meet the objectives of ‘fun and safety’, this may require ‘helping’ the weaker team if there is one.

• Keep the game flowing – restart quickly when the ball goes out of play

>• We know the kids love to score goals that is part of the fun but as coaches we do not keep or reinforce game scores

• If a team is short of players please share!

• The on the field coaches needs to actively help both teams so all players enjoy the experience!

We look forward to a super soccer experience with you and your child this fall season!