Under 8 Age Group 4v4

Fall season: 2 practices/week, one under the guidance of our club DOC for the first 6 weeks (games on


Spring season: Midweek soccer festivals under the guidance of our club DOC (games are on Sundays)

The u8 league philosophy is based on safety, sportsmanship and fun!

We ask u8 coaches to reinforce a philosophy of FUN COMES FIRST and to work in cooperation with other

coaches in the league to achieve this objective.

Game Guidelines (4 v 4)

• The u8 league plays 4 v 4 games, no goalkeeper, using a size 3 ball

• Teams and coaches are on one side of the field parents and spectators on the opposite side of the field

• Do not allow spectators to stand behind the goals this is very distracting to the players

• During games ONE COACH ONLY on the field of play, overseeing games and helping both teams.

Coaches of opposing teams can take turns overseeing the game but must be assisting both teams in keeping with

the league philosophy.

• The coach on the field must address rough and overly aggressive play from both teams, where possible

teach the player (players) what they are doing wrong and how to correct their behavior

• If the coach not on the field observes overly aggressive play from one of their own team remove the

player from the field temporarily, teach the player what they are doing wrong and how to correct their


Coaches from both teams need to work in cooperation to address overly rough play regardless of whose team the

player is on.

• Games are 40 minutes in length divided into halves or quarters by mutual agreement of the coaches

Cool day or a lot of subs halves are appropriate, a hot day or less subs quarters are fine.

• In the event of uneven or unequal games sharing and mixing players is strongly recommended

Pinnies can be provided for when player sharing is necessary

• Basic 2-2 (defense-offense) can be taught but do not restrict player movement during games

• If the ball goes out over the sideline a player quickly restarts the game by passing the ball back on to the

field, opposing players retreat five yards

• If the ball goes out over the end line a player on the defensive team restarts the game by passing or

dribbling the ball back on to the field, after the opposing team retreats to halfway

• If a defender kicks the ball over the end line play a corner kick

• After a goal restart from the center of the field

• Please exhibit good sportsmanship at the end of the game by ensuring all players and coaches shake

hands or high five

• Any game feedback please contact our club Rec DOC Neil: doc-neil@warringtonsoccerpa.org

This age group will be eligible to play travel teams soccer, tryouts are held in the spring season.

For players that want extra training make sure your parents are aware of our club Futures program

Enjoy The Game – Play For Fun – Soccer For Life