Fall Intramural 2015 Field Lining Schedule

The fall season’s Intramural field lining schedule has been created and circulated to all intramural coaches. All fields need to painted every week regardless of conditions and/or weather, play or no play. There are no "byes" and the fields need to be painted regardless of whether your team has a home or an away game.

The Intramural field lining schedule can be found below or at the following link.

Please remember the following -

  • Please paint the fields during your week, prior to Saturday game (before the season starts, please have it done before the end of the weekend)
  • Schedule is based on the fields you are suppose to be playing your games on (or age group plays their games on). All teams have at least 1 week.  No team has more than 2.
  • Fields need to be painted every week regardless of play or no play / rain or shine / open or closed / home or away games

First game of the day - You are required to make sure that flags are set up and nets are in good working order.  Supplies should be in the shed for setup and/or repairs.  Please notify fields if the fields have not been lined for the week. 

Last game of the day - Please break down the fields by returning the flags to the shed and making sure the field is cleaned up (water bottles, trash, etc..).


 IPWJamison Elementary
 u6 Co-EDu7/8 Boysu7/8 Girlsu10 Girlsu10 Boysu15 & u19 Boys & Girlsu12 Boys & Girls
 Date6A, 6B, 6C, 6DField # 5Field # 7Field # 4Field # 3Field # 2Field # 1North
8/22/15u6 Crewu8B Orlando Cityu8G Crewu10G Crewu10B Crewu15B Crewu15G Crewu12B DC United
8/29/15u6 DC Unitedu8B Realu8G DC Unitedu10G Dynamou10B DC Unitedu19B Galaxyu19G Galaxyu12G Crew
9/5/15u6 Dynamou8B DC Unitedu8G Dynamou10G Fireu10B Dynamou15B DC Unitedu15G Soundersu12B Dynamo
9/12/15u6 Fireu8B Dynamou8G Fireu10G NYCFCu10B Fireu19B NYCFCu19G NYCFCu12G Galaxy
9/19/15u6 Galaxyu8B Crewu8G Galaxyu10G Soundersu10B Galaxyu15B Galaxyu15G Timbersu12B Fire
9/26/15u6 NYCFCu8B Earthquakesu8B Timbersu10G Unionu10B NYCFCu19B Orlando Cityu19G Unionu12G NYCFC
10/3/15u6 Orlando Cityu8B Fireu8G NYCFCu10G Crewu10B Soundersu15B NYCFCu15G Unionu12B Galaxy
10/10/15u6 Rapidsu8B Galaxyu8G Orlando Cityu10G Dynamou10B Unionu19B Unionu15B Timbersu12G Orlando City
10/17/15u6 Revolutionu8B NYCFCu8B Unionu10G Fireu10B Crewu15B Unionu15G Crewu12B Orlando City
10/24/15u6 Soundersu8B Rapidsu8G Soundersu10G NYCFCu10B DC Unitedu15B Crewu19G Galaxyu12G Union
10/31/15u6 Timbersu8B Revolutionu8G Timbersu10G Soundersu10B Dynamou19B Galaxyu15G Soundersu12B Revolution
11/7/15u6 Unionu8B Soundersu8G Unionu10G Unionu10B Fireu15B DC Unitedu19G NYCFCu12B Sounders
11/14/15No GamesNo GamesNo GamesNo Gamesu10B Galaxyu19B NYCFCu15B Galaxyu12B Union


Thanks for volunteering!