SEPA Return to Play Protocols

SEPA Return to Play Protocols
Updated: 4/15/21
These protocols were created after careful review of the health and safety practices and guidelines set forth by the CDC, PA Department of Health and EPYSA (the state’s governing body of soccer) and are in place to maximize the safety of all players, coaches, spectators and staff.
Health Safety Assessment and Reporting

  1. Attendance shall be taken at all SEPA games and maintained by your home club. 
  2. All players, coaches, and spectators shall conduct a self-health assessment before each game. If any player, coach, or spectator is not feeling well, the individual must stay home. 
  3. Any player or coach that has tested positive for COVID-19, or has been identified as a “close contact,” will only be permitted to return to play after they complete their quarantine following their home club’s return to play protocols and/or as directed by their county’s department of health. As a general rule, no player or coach that has tested positive will be permitted to play until at least 10 days have passed from the date they tested positive.

Game and Scrimmage Guidelines

  1. Players, coaches and spectators are required to wear a face mask at all times in accordance with the current PA Department of Health’s Universal Face Coverings Order and the guidelines set forth by EPYSA.
  2. Players, coaches and spectators are required to conduct a self-health assessment prior to each event following the Health Safety Assessment and Reporting above.
  3. If a player or coach gets sick during a game they must leave the field immediately.
  4. Players are required to social distance on the sidelines.
  5. Players are to use their own equipment and shall not share water bottles or snacks.
  6. Handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, etc. are not permitted.
  7. Only TWO spectators per player are permitted to attend a game.
  8. Opposing teams and their families will set up on opposite sidelines. 
  9. Spectators shall position themselves at a minimum of six feet from other spectators and should not arrive on the field more than five minutes prior to kickoff.
  10. Only coaches should touch and move equipment. Spectators should not assist with retrieving balls or moving equipment.
  11. Everyone should return straight to their cars after a game ends.

 Reporting Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
If a player or coach who has attended a SEPA game develops symptoms, or tests positive, within 48 hours of a game, please have your home club inform SEPA by emailing