Travel Academy Program Information

2020-2021 Warrington Soccer Academy Program Covid-19 Refund Policy

Warrington Soccer Club’s Academy program is divided into three separate seasons. They are:

  • Fall Season - Runs from August through November
  • Winter Season - Runs From January through early March and consists of all indoor training and play in an indoor league 
  • Spring Season - Runs mid to late March through early June

For cost allocation, the club places an equal value of $333 per season for each player, for a total of $1000 for the cost of the Academy program.

If the 2020-2021 Fall season gets cancelled due to Covid 19 the refunds will be given based on the timing of cancellation.

  • Cancelled by September 15th: Families will receive a 60% refund of the fall season cost of $333 or $200. 
  • Cancelled by October 15th: Families will receive a 25% refund of the fall season cost of $333 or $83.

If the 2020-2021 Winter indoor season is cancelled, families will receive 100% of the winter season cost of $333. Same is true for the Spring season. When the spring season starts, additional refund details will be provided. 

Fall season costs have been and continue to be incurred by the club throughout the summer. A large portion of the fall fees are set to be paid for state association and league fees between 9/1 and 9/15. Should the season be cancelled between now and 9/15 and the club can recapture some of those fees a larger refund may be available for the fall season season.

Warrington Academy Program Overview – (u9 & u10 Age Groups)

The Travel Academy program is designed to accommodate the teams and players that are interested in a more competitive environment than the intramural program can provide.  We staff these teams with qualified trainers under direct supervision of an “A” license Director of Coaching.  In addition, the soccer club has designed the schedule/activities/events in order optimize the technical development of these young players while still allowing them to participate in other sports and activities in order to better prepare them for the future.  

Player/Team benefits:

•    Teams compete in EDP, ICSL, PAGS, or Delco leagues.

•    Teams compete in (2) local Travel tournaments.  

•    Teams participate in the Challenge Level of the outdoor State Cups.

•    Teams participate in winter training during Jan – March time Period

•    Teams participate in an Indoor league

•    Teams participate in a spring league

•    USSF A License & NSCAA Advanced National Diploma - Director of Coaching support.

•    Coaching education support program and development objectives

•    Club registration fee covers total cost of program not including uniform kits.  Payment plan is available.   For 2020/21 the fee will be $1,000 per player. 



  • Master Coach to have a minimum of an “E” license or NSCAA equivalent and/or relevant experience.
  • Assistant Coach(s) will be a volunteer position.
  • Team Manager will be a volunteer position
  • Head Coach and/or Assistant Coaches to be present at minimum of 75% of coaching meetings/clinics
  • Tryouts for the team will take place in the Spring – April to May time frame
  • Teams will practice 2x per week in prime season.  One practice as an Age Group; 2nd practice as individual team.
  • Teams will play in ICSL/PAGS/DELCO/MAPS/Rock
  • Fall League practices will begin the 1st week in August
  • Fall league play will start after Labor Day weekend
  • Winter Training will start the 2nd Week in January
  • Indoor League play will start at end of January