Travel Program Costs

Travel Program Costs

Travel Teams are broken into two main age categories.  The first category is the Travel Academy Program, which includes the U9 and U10 teams.  The second category of travel teams include U11 and higher age groups.

Academy Travel Teams (U9 and U10)

The Academy teams are designed to be an "all-inclusive" program. Warrington Soccer Club feels that the U9 and U10 age groups are at a critical age, where players benefit from the best available and most consistent training in order to develop their technical skills and lay a critical foundation for future soccer development.  For this reason, we staff these teams with qualified trainers, selected by our Director of Coaching and approved by our Board of Directors.  The Director of Coaching, together with the Board of Directors, has also carefully thought through the scheduling and activities in each of these age groups for the entire year long travel season.  Because this schedule is pre-planned, we are able to build in all the costs associated with U9 and U10 travel teams, up front. In the past, the cost has been lower up front, however, managers would have to collect additonal funds throughout the season for the tournaments, indoor seasons, etc.  We have received feedback that parents prefer knowing the total cost up front.  We have also received requests for more transparency in our pricing for travel teams.  Listed below is the cost per age group, together with what is included in the costs for the season.  Only with approval from the Director of Coaching and the Academy Travel Coordinator, are teams permitted to deviate from this schedule of events. 

The club registration fee for 9 and under (2012) and 10 and under (2011) travel in the 2020-2021 season is $1,000 per player.  This cost includes:

  • General club costs allocated per player which include but are not limited to insurance, league fees, referee fees, township permits and/or field usage and maintenance costs, and equipment.
  • Licensed Master Coach (trainer) for the age group
  • Keeper training sessions
  • Indoor Winter practice facility fee
  • Indoor Winter League/FUTSAL participation
  • Two tournaments
  • EPYSA Outdoor Cups plus referee fees for cup games
  • Spring ICSL League and Spring Referee fees

2020-2021 Warrington Soccer Academy Program Covid-19 Refund Policy

Warrington Soccer Club’s Academy program is divided into three separate seasons. They are:

  • Fall Season - Runs from August through November
  • Winter Season - Runs From January through early March and consists of all indoor training and play in an indoor league 
  • Spring Season - Runs mid to late March through early June

For cost allocation, the club places an equal value of $333 per season for each player, for a total of $1000 for the cost of the Academy program.

If the 2020-2021 Fall season gets cancelled due to Covid 19 the refunds will be given based on the timing of cancellation.

  • Cancelled by September 15th: Families will receive a 60% refund of the fall season cost of $333 or $200. 
  • Cancelled by October 15th: Families will receive a 25% refund of the fall season cost of $333 or $83.

If the 2020-2021 Winter indoor season is cancelled, families will receive 100% of the winter season cost of $333. Same is true for the Spring season. When the spring season starts, additional refund details will be provided. 

Fall season costs have been and continue to be incurred by the club throughout the summer. A large portion of the fall fees are set to be paid for state association and league fees between 9/1 and 9/15. Should the season be cancelled between now and 9/15 and the club can recapture some of those fees a larger refund may be available for the fall season season.

Travel Teams (U11 and U19)

The club registration fees for the 11 and under teams (2010+) teams and higher age groups for the 2020-2021 season is $500 per player for both travel competitive and premier.  This club fee covers:

  • General club costs allocated per player which include but are not limited to insurance, fall league & referee fees, township permits, field usage and maintenance costs, equipment.

At these age groups, the teams and coaching staff decide in which leagues and number of tournaments they will participate for the fall, winter and spring seasons.  The additional cost for these teams can range from $500 to $1500 per player depending of the level of competitveness and total amount of activities that the team is engaged to play. 

Typical Activities include:

  • Fall Season Tournaments
  • Indoor League play
  • Indoor Facility rental
  • Outdoor Facility Rental
  • Indoor and Outdoor State Cups
  • Spring Tournaments
  • Spring Outdoor League
  • Outside Trainer Expenses
  • Team Building Activities

Most teams in these age groups conduct fundraisers (approved by the Travel Director) to raise money to offset the cost to players and their families. Each team is responsible for providing an initial budget forecast and maintaining its own accounting of funds subject to periodic review by the Director of Travel and Board of Directors. 

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