Volunteer Guidelines for 2018-19 seasons

The soccer club board of directors approved a new volunteer policy for the soccer club to begin in the spring of 2017.  The club is implementing a $75.00 refundeable volunteer fee for all families.  If you volunteer and are selected as either the head coach of a team or the age group coordinator for the season, your child's registration fees and and family volunteer fee will be refunded back to the family.  If you are not selected as the head coach or Age group coordinator, you could still earn your volunteer fee back by completing at least 5 hours of volunteer service.  These service hours can be completed by acting as an Assistant Coach, Field Set-up, or Field Lining Volunteer, or other activity.  The volunteer fee will be credit back towards your credit card.
How the volunteer rebate program works? 

You need to sign-up for a task via the sign-up genius software application.  Each assignment is assigned a cetain number of hours.  Once you achieve a minimum of 5 hours we will issue a credit on your credit card for $75.00.  You have until the end of the spring season to achieve your minimum volunteers hours.  The volunteer hours are based upon a family account.  In addition, we will be recognizing individual/families who achieve the most volunteer hours.