Warrington Soccer Club Looking to Hire Full Time Executive Director

Warrington Soccer Club

Executive Director Responsibilities

The Executive Director (ED) will report directly to the Executive Board, and work at the behest of, the Club’s Board of Directors. The ED’s primary responsibility is the successful operation of the Club as a whole, therefore the ED is a de-facto member of every committee and is to participate and assist in all aspects of Club operations and development. This is a full-time position for a seasonal organization so hours of work can vary from 10-50+ hours per week but would expect an average over the year of 30-35 hours per week, and includes a 6 month probationary period.

THE ED will oversee and be responsible for all day-to-day club operations, including but not limited to:

· Facilitate and coordinate the efforts of the volunteer Board of Directors. In partnership with the Board, produces, updates, and manages the strategic and operational plan and budget that reflects long term objectives of the Club.

· Coordinates activities to leverage existing volunteer resources to achieve Club mission and goals.

· Actively recruits committee members and volunteers.

· Facilitates and develops Club committees as well as assisting in organization, monitoring activities, and ensuring effective transition between years.

· Provide bi-weekly status reports to the Executive Committee.

· Attend, participate in and Report to the Board at monthly BOD meetings, or sooner, when necessary, significant issues affecting the development and delivery of programs and services.

· Work with the Directors of Coaching to make sure all organizational tasks within the coaching program are completed and executed with professionalism.

· Handle all scheduling of all teams, fields and indoor facilities for all activities (games, practices, etc.) year-round.

· Work with the Field Committee/Coordinator to ensure fields are in working condition and when needed walk fields for game day/training nights field closure decisions.

· Actively pursue additional field space: Turf Fields, Procuring additional lighted fields for training.

 The ED will establish and develop the Club’s business relationships, including but not limited to:

· Negotiate and maintain relationships with the Club’s suppliers and vendors.

· Solicit and manage bids for purchase orders and contracts.

· Build and continue to develop positive relationships with our local municipalities regarding field usage and other related issues.

· Manage external partnerships, and marketing and sponsorship relationships. 

· Ensure organizational compliance with relevant organizations (EPYSA, leagues, etc.)

The ED will manage marketing, communications, fundraising, and website management, including but not limited to:

· Communicate with parents of players and the community for effective implementation of all the Club’s programs. 

· Maintain and manage the Club’s website and email communications.

· Create, implement, and monitor a comprehensive development plan including solicitation of team sponsors, capital donors, events, grant writing and fundraising activities for the club as needed.

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