WSC Soccer Drills with Coach Neil

Dear Parents here are the second and third video demos of activities I hope you and your kids can try outside your own home. These videos show the same activity but one is longer due to my intro!


My hope is that you time your kids over a week (or longer) and then use those times to encourage your kids to create visual representations of their times for each activity. My next video will give you specific ideas on how to achieve that aim. 


I also have a downloadable PDF that you can print and use to record your kids when they participate in these activities.  Please see below: 


/_files/Soccer Skills Chart-Sample 3-31-20v2.pdf  

/_files/Soccer Skills Chart 4-15-20v1.pdf


I would love to see videos of the kids participating in these activities and also would love to see their final creative home-school projects,  as I said more details on that to follow soon.

Stay safe I wish you all well.


Coach Neil