WSC Travel Refund Policy

Warrington Soccer Club

Travel and Premier Team Refund Policy


Any player who accepts an invitation to play on a Warrington Soccer Club Travel or Premier Team commits to pay the entire registration fee, and team fees, for the full year-long season. No refunds, partial or full, will be made to players who choose to transfer to another club, for any reason. Accordingly, any player who withdraws from the team prior to the end of the season will not receive a refund, nor will registration fees or team fees be prorated. In order to be released to play for another club, WSC requires the season registration fees and team fees to be paid in full. This refund policy is in place due to the costs accrued by WSC, and the team, based on player headcount and roster size set at the beginning of the season. 

WSC understands that extenuating circumstances may arise (for example, a season ending injury or a family moving out of the area) and under those special circumstances, the Board may make an exception and consider a partial refund or a full refund (less a $200 administrative fee). These special circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis during WSC Executive Board Meetings. To be considered, refund requests must be in writing. Please forward refund requests to the Director of Travel at for consideration and resolution. Once a refund request email is received, the request will be added to the agenda of the next WSC Executive Board Meeting. Decisions on refund requests will be returned, via email, within 72 hours after the scheduled meeting.  

Within the scope of this policy, no WSC employee, coach, volunteer or Board Member has the authority to issue refunds outside of the WSC Travel and Premier Team Refund Policy.