FC Warrington Premier Program

Program Overview

The FC Warrington premier level is designed to accommodate the teams and players that are chasing the game.  Each premier team provides individual players with the best playing experience at the highest level with a few important facts in mind. Your Child’s development is the most important ingredient. WSC believes in providing the best possible playing environment at the most reasonable cost structure.

FC Warrington Player/Team benefits:

•    Teams compete in PAGS & Delco Elite or Premier Divisions.

•    Teams compete at the highest level tournaments possible in the highest Brackets.

•    Teams participate in the President Cup and or NCS Outdoor State Cups.

•    Teams offer the USSF Licensed or equivalent Head Coach to raise overall talent level.

•    USSF A License & NSCAA Advanced National Diploma - Director of Coaching support.

•    Coaching education support program and development objectives

•    College showcase tournaments and college recruitment support program


  • Head Coach to have a minimum of a “D” license or NSCAA equivalent and/or relevant experience.
  • Head Coach will be a paid position, the pay scale will be based on coaching education and experience (coaching and playing).
  • Teams will be responsible for paying coaches and any related travel expenses for tournaments more than 50 miles from Warrington. 
  • Teams will provide Travel Coordinator with estimated team budget prior to start of season in August and Year End summary of expenses at completion of season No later than August of the following year.
  • Teams will play in PAGS/DELCO and/or higher level league when available, i.e. EDP.
  • Teams will play in NCS or President’s cup tournament.
  • Teams will play in top level tournaments and college showcase tournaments at the high school ages
  • Teams must play in at least 2 of the following approved tournaments --  List is TBD
  • The DOC will evaluate a team’s request to be a premier team and if approved, submit to the BOD for final approval

* In 2016-2017 the club will include 12 and under teams as well since this is the 1st year for this age group as well. 

FC Warrington Premier Teams

 Girls Premier Teams 2016-2017

Age Team Name League Coach License Bio e-Mail Phone
2006     Warren Beidemann C   wfb3rd@aol.com  
2005     Dave Steinbach n/a   davidsteinbach@comcast.net  
2003 Warrington Storm PAGS Robert Miller C   rcksmiller@yahoo.com  
2002 Warrington Ninjas PAGS/EDP Robert Sidky D   robert.sidky@gmail.com 401-230-7546
1999 Warrington Lightning PAGS/EDP Paul Centofanti A   ughsocr@comcast.net  
1998 Warrington Dynamo PAGS/EDP Paul Centofanti A   ughsocr@comcast.net  


Boys Premier Teams 2016-2017

Year Team Name League Coach License Bio e-Mail Phone
2006     Tristan Preece D   preecetj@delval.edu  
2002     Ron Wilde D   ronald.wilde@mercer.com  
2000 Warrington Union DELCO Dave Steinbach n/a   DSteinbach@bpenvservices.com  
1998 Warrington United EDP Matt Biemuler D National   fcwarrington@aol.com